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Project Den Tera – Introduction

Den Tera will consist of 2 detached properties and 9 blocks of semi-detached properties. All properties offer a spacious porch giving access to the garden.

The finishing level of the properties is very high. All properties have the same lay-out and will be fully equipped with a modern kitchen, 2 bathrooms, restrooms and beautiful tiling throughout the property and the porch.

All walls will be painted or tiled. Furthermore, both the roof and walls will be insulated, and all windows will be double glazed. Good insulation is important to keep the heat outside and thus save energy.

A fence will be placed around the residences. Both the communal areas surrounding the Den Tera residences and the gardens of the new Den Tera homes will be tastefully landscaped with gravel. In addition, Bonaire Construction offers the possiblity to give your new home that ‘finishing touch’ by opting for our Garden XL package.

2BR detached – Den Tera


The total living space of the properties is no less than 1,335 sq. ft. including the porch. The detached residences are surrounded by a spacious garden and have an additional window on one side of the property.

2BR semi-detached – Den Tera


The semi-detached residences have the same lay-out as the detached proterties, thus also offering a generous 1,335 sq. ft. living space.