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Project Den Tera – Floorplans

2BR detached – Den Tera

Just past the entrance, there is a small hallway with restrooms and a spacious built-in closet with connections for a washing machine. The living room and porch are separated only by beautiful harmonica doors which can be opened fully, giving the property an incredibly spacious and airy feel. Upstairs there are two large bedrooms, each with their own bathroom.

The total living space of the properties is no less than 1,335 sq. ft. including the porch. The detached residences are surrounded by a spacious garden and have an additional window on one side of the property.

First floor (click to enlarge)


Second floor (click to enlarge)


2BR semi-detached – Den Tera

The semi-detached residences have the same lay-out as the detached proterties, also offering a generous 1,335 sq. ft. living space.

First floor (click to enlarge)


Second floor (click to enlarge)